Why Professional HVAC Maintenance Is Essential

HVAC systems are massive investments for many homeowners. You need to conduct regular maintenance to keep it running optimally and avoid costly repairs. According to the Indoor Air Quality Association, regular HVAC maintenance helps decrease the risk of costly breakdowns by 95%. Proper maintenance also extends the life of your HVAC system. Heating and air conditioning companies can service, inspect, and clean your system throughout its lifetime. Here are a few key reasons to seek professional HVAC maintenance.

Saves You Money

You’ll likely save more money when you conduct annual maintenance on your system in many ways. Preventive maintenance ensures that your HVAC system runs closer to peak efficiency. Your unit will also live longer, reducing the likelihood of replacing your unit prematurely. A regularly maintained system operates the most effectively. That means it doesn’t overwork to warm or cool your home, which reduces energy consumption and overall energy bills.

Boosts Your Indoor Air Quality

HVAC systems that run efficiently trap pollutants well. Common indoor allergens such as dust mites, cigarette smoke, mold, and pollen can be harmful, especially if you or your family members have respiratory issues such as asthma. Regularly checking your system will ensure that all these pollutants are trapped properly, improving indoor air quality.

Enhances Comfort

You depend on your HVAC system to keep your home comfortable all year. Since you’re spending more time indoors at certain points of the year, your HVAC system must be in optimal condition to work smoothly throughout. Regular maintenance allows the system to evenly distribute warm or cool air around the home, keeping every part of the house comfortable.

Improves the Environment

If you’re environment-conscious, you probably know that most of the components used to make your HVAC system, especially the refrigerant, are harmful to the environment. Every time you replace your unit, you’re causing more environmental harm. Similarly, poorly maintained systems consume more energy, which is harmful to the planet.

Provides Peace of Mind

Finally, investing in preventive maintenance provides the comfort of knowing that your system will not break down in the middle of summer heat. You also have peace that if anything comes up, it won’t cost you as much.

It’s critical to follow what heating and air conditioning companies recommend in order to avoid damaging your unit, which leads to costly repairs. Contact Davis Heating and Cooling, Inc today for all your HVAC needs, including HVAC repairs.